A Paper Calla Lily

I used to think making paper flowers was hard… was I ever wrong. This is probably the most simple flower I have ever made. And it happens to be one of my favorite flowers too! So I had to show you all how to do this in hopes that the word would be a better place… Okay, that’s going a bit far. But it might inspire a few of you to try something new, which is always a good thing.

To start with you will need the following items:

  1. Bird Builder punch
  2. Paper-Piercing tool (my tool is the old model)
  3. Card stock. I used Whisper White for the flower, Pair Pizzazz for the stem (1/8″ wide max, length depends on project), and So Saffron for the center bit (1/8″ wide max and 1 1/2″ long).
  4. Multipurpose Liquid Glue (used for all the gluing needs)


Take the Whisper White card stock and punch out just the wing of the bird from the Bird Builder Punch.


Take the wing and pinch the bottom of of it around the top of the Pear Pizzazz strip of card stock. I say the stem should be 1/8″ wide max, but it really depends on how you want it to look at the end. I started with 1/8″ wide and then cut it back a little for the final look.


Add a small drop of Multipurpose Liquid Glue to glue the two peaces together. Set aside to dry.

Next, take the So Saffron card stock strip and wrap it around the Paper-Piecing Tool tightly, and at a bit of an angle.


Glue the end down before taking the card stock off the tool. This will keep it from unraveling on you. Once the glue is dry, take it off… this is what you should have:


Glue that into the center of the Calla Lily. You are finished. That’s it. It’s that easy.


I used two of these to top a little woven Easter Basket I made. Fill the basket with  a few mini chocolate eggs to give to the neighbours for an Easter gift.


If you want to give the Calla Lily some more depth, take some ink (usually the same colour as your paper) and an Aqua Painter to add colour to the center of the wing. Here’s how:

I used Pink Pirouette for the card stock and the ink with this one. First, squeeze your ink pad so some of the ink comes out on the lid. Then pick up the ink with the Aqua Painter as shown.


Paint the center of the wing before gluing it to the stem.


Now that your flower has more shading to it, you can glue the wing to the stem and continue with the rest of the steps.


I hope you find this as easy as I did. If you have any questions please write them in a comment so I can answer them for all who might have the same question. Thanks for reading!

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