Father’s Day Tree

The events just keep coming in our house. I feel like I haven’t had a brake in months. But I must admit, when I have no big thing to plan for, I feel a little lost.

Next on the list: Father’s Day! The day after that is my husband’s birthday. I think there are a few other birthdays between now and then but I can’t seem to keep track any more. But back to Father’s Day. I started making cards for all your wonderful dad’s out there. Get them while you can. This one is particularly great. It’s the only saying that I have found that my husband, and father of my children, thinks is good enough to give to his dad. All other sayings are too sappy or too sentimental.


So if you would like one, just let me know by June 12th so I have time to get it to you. Hopefully I will have time to post more father’s day cards. I have lots of ideas, but only a few get made. I need to plant more Thyme in my garden, see if that helps.


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