Salad in a Jar

I was introduced to this fantastic idea… making your weeks worth of salads in one day. Pack them as tight as you can in a jar to keep them fresh. You have to layer them in a particular way…

  1. dressing
  2. veggies that don’t absorb moisture (ie: cherry tomatoes, carrots, snap pees)
  3. greens. Start with celery or cucumbers and finish with your lettuce.
  4. add nuts on top if you like.


Cook up some chicken or some egg and add when ready to eat it. They can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks! Use wide mouth jars for ease of packing everything in tightly. I made six of these for some friends who are having a had time finding time to make food lately. It only took me an hour. But I’m slow at chopping.

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