Why board games are for everyone

So my husband and I are into board games. He is a lot more into board games then I am. Really, he is more into board games then most people. And he wins a lot of the time. It makes playing games with him tiresome sometimes. So when events happen and I can play with other people, it’s great! Friends of ours are celebrating International Table Top day, a day to play “table top” games, by inviting people over for the weekend to play board games. Really, this was supposed to happen next weekend but people were busy. I got to meet new people, play games and have a lot of fun. And really, that’s what board games are all about. People. It’s a time for people to interact with each other. So in this world where people are so absorbed by social media and apps and texting and all that, it’s really good to take time and turn all that off to look at people face to face and have fun with them. It is our dream one day to open a board game cafe. A place where people can come and play games. No electronic games aloud. A place where people can interact with each other. A place where people can feel like they are a part of something and that they are no longer alone. We are a social race. Humans can only survive in a group. Studies show that people go insane if they are alone too long. So I encourage everyone, go out and by a board game. I recommend Ticket to Ride as a good starter game. Catan is also a good one. Play it with everyone you know. They ask for a recommendation for your next game. It’s amazing how it can bring people together. I look forward to hearing how much you enjoy it too.

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