Star of Wonder bundle

Week three of my sneak peak at the new Holiday Catalogue. This bundle comes with a photopolymer stamp set and a set of thinlet dies. I was struck by the elegance of this set, and the many sayings that come with it would suit anyone. I hope you like it as much as I do.


I should have made the blue card with silver instead of gold. The star above the blue card is a Christmas tree ornament. However, I didn’t have anything to hang it from so there it is.

A curious thing has happened to me. In my business, I have tired to be mindful that not everyone believes the same things. As a result, my Christmas collection of stamps was lacking any saying that had anything to do with Christ. I didn’t realize this until I read the sayings that come in this set. I only show two sayings in this picture but there are many more. Some talk about the star that lead the wise men to Jesus, others are more simple, like, “Merry Christmas.” That is one of the reasons I love this set. You can use it to make Christmas cards for both, the people who believe in the true meaning of Christmas, and those who want to celebrate it as a meaningful holiday filled with family and friends.

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