faux metal embellishments

Welcome to my first technique video! Here I show you how to make your own faux metal embellishments (like the title says). There are pictures after the video showing more detail so please read to the end. Thanks.

Here is a picture of three different stages in the prossess. Starting on the left in one coat of embossing powder. The one in the middle has two coats. The one on the right has four coats.

You can see the embellishment get thicker with more coats of embossing powder. I have been able to get away with only three coasts. The thing you are looking for is that the whole piece looks rounded and there are no little dimples left.

Oh and be careful you don’t blow away all your embossing powder like I did in the video. It makes an awful mess and if you don’t vacuum it up right away it can get embedded into your carpet. It will eventually come up, it just takes a while.

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