Scrapbook page, The Beach

So I thought I would show how easy it is to translate a card into a scrapbook page. This is just my fist one. I have another in the works and it should be up soon.


Here’s the first page. Like it? Look familiar? Below is a card I did a while ago, and it made me think of this trip our family took to the beach. So I thought I would make a scrapbook page in a similar way.



The scrapbook page would look better if I had the “By the Tide” stamp set as well. The I could have put some coral reef behind the pictures. For that matter, the card might look better with that stamp too. Oh well. I could have also added some splatters of ink to the sand… Why do I always think of better ways to do things after I’ve done them?

Hope you like this little idea. It helps me when I’m stuck for what to do.


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