saying good-bye… or hello

So the retiring list is out. Most people think that this is a time to say good-bye to all the things that won’t be available anymore. I say it’s time to say hello to all the new goodies you are going to get because this is your last chance to get them. Like stampin’ around the wheel stamps and accessories. It looks like they will be fazed out. For me, it’s always hard to know if it’s worth it. I know Stampin’ Up! will be replacing the retiring items with other really cool items. So do I spend the money now, or wait for something new?┬áIt really depends now how much you love that stamp set or punch. A few questions to ask would be:

  • How long have I wanted it?
  • Are they retiring the whole line of product?
  • Exactly what would I use it for?

But in the end, I usually flip a coin. Heads, I get it. Tales, I don’t. The thing is, it really doesn’t matter what the coil tells me. It’s how the answer makes me feel. If getting it makes me feel like I’m spending money un-necessarily, I don’t get it. If I get tales and that makes me want to cry because I’ll never have something I know I would love and use, I get it anyway. Because no matter what, I always seem to know how much of a good idea, or bad, idea something is.

So click on the image at the top of this post. It will take you to all the wonderful things that you might never see again… unless you get them for yourself.

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